Healthcare Department

Since 2006, Health Care Volunteers of ZAM have been helping and taking care of the sick people and patients who are helpless, who have no depend upon, who do not know how to approach to the various health centers and services.

Zomi refugees in Malaysia are very unfortunate; that the refugee patients dare not go to clinic or hospital because;

1. They do not know the language
2. They have no money
3. They are known as illegal
4. They fear of being arrested by the authorities
5. They fear of gangsters and robbers etc…

For these hardships, the Health Care Volunteers are sacrificing their lives to save the refugee patients in order to get them protection and receive medical treatment. The Association cannot afford to support financially to the volunteers except providing daily meal. The volunteers actively involve in 24 hours service and contribute their time and life in helping. They always focus the patients in need to help on time and to organize with UNHCR and local medical centers to save one’s life. It is the mission and positive result that thousands of peoples’ life has been saved and they are getting a better life. All the volunteers have no prejudice to the refugee patients as we are human being under the same sky and they always try to give their best effort and contribution.

Health Awareness Seminar was organized by Zomi leaders throughout the representatives and leaders from various areas of Malaysia since April 2009 at ZAM office. Health Care volunteers have shared all their experiences while living accurate information about health related knowledge to the audience according to the instruction of the Government Hospitals, UNHCR and ACTS (A Call To Serve).