Social Welfare Department

Social Welfare Department is one of the most important departments for Zomi Refugees in Malaysia. It organizes social activities such as:

  • Sport Activities
  • Cultural and Festival Activities
  • Funeral Services

1. Sport Activities

Sport can help these adolescent refugee youths as well elderly refugees regain a valuable part of their lost hopes. Such ages of refugee have often suffered enormously, leaving them severely traumatized. They have witnessed oppression and persecution first hand. The trauma does not end when they finally make it to a work place in Malaysia, to earn their daily meal. Almost every one of them spends almost the whole year in their respective work place, with no sport or recreation.

These refugees have a right to play; a need to play. Sport provides them with a semblance of normality and some structure to their lives. It provides many psycho-social benefits and gives them an outlet for channeling their energy in a positive way that can benefit them for the rest of their lives. This is especially valid for youths fleeing from conflict situations.

ZAM organizes Zomi Cup once a year which normally falls in February, and the closing ceremony is always celebrated on the 20th of February which is the Zomi National Day.

2. Cultural and Festival Activities

To maintain our cultural and give education to our next generation, we observe two important occasions every year. Those are “Zomi National Day” on February 20, and “Khuado Pawi” which fall in the full moon of October every year. In this two occasion, we have fashion show, cultural dance and chanting of our forefather’s songs.

3. Funeral Services

Every year between fifteen to twenty five of our members lost their lives in various cases and faces a lot of difficulties in financing. To organize funeral services, we need to spend almost RM100,000 from our community. It raises the birth of Zomi Social Welfare of Malaysia (ZSM) to meet the financial needs.